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FoundAt is a new data management platform that has been developed for Owners and Operators of large infrastructure assets, to help them manage their assets more efficiently by reducing costs, increasing output and reducing emissions, through the application of our Patent Pending GO-Locate AR ™ Augmented Reality technology that enables any data source to be located and viewed in precise real-world location and provides the most relevant information front and centre for workers in the field to make the most informed decisions.


FoundAt works across the entire lifecycle of an asset, from Design to Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance, Upgrade and Decomissioning. FoundAt can also be implemented across upstream and downstream supply chains etc.


FoundAt works in any indoor or outdoor location, including complex industrial environments and achieves reliability that is not possible with existing AR technologies. FoundAt even works in locations that have highly repetitive or constantly changing scenes.

No Mapping / Scanning Required

FoundAt does not require a site to be mapped or scanned prior to use. Any existing scans etc can be added at a later date if desired.


FoundAt is much cheaper and quicker to implement than traditional Digital Twin or BIM Platforms etc.

Place AR Content Remotely

FoundAt is the only AR platform that makes it possible for users to remotely place AR content in any location in the world, without the need for an observer to scan that location first using their mobile device etc, or to build a 3D model etc of the environment.


FoundAt can be used to display all forms of data/media, not just photos and 3D models etc.

Integrates With Existing Platforms

FoundAt does not require customers to change their current practises or data platforms that they use, FoundAt merely integrates with those platforms to dramatically enhance the relevance and accessibility of information made available to users in the field.

for Business

All your information

FoundAt the location
you need it.

FoundAtprovides a compelling alternative to existing Digital Twin platforms by being far more cost effective and quicker to deploy. Companies can begin using the FoundAtEarth Twin immediately and then gradually migrate more and more of their data as they realise the benefits.

The FoundAtEarth Twin takes a unique approach to Digital Twin’s and comes with the ability to use an infinite number of geolocations, without needing a 3D model.

Geographical reference information can be saved in the form of complex 2D or 3D shapefiles. Searches can also be performed by geographical region(2D or 3D).

FoundAt automatically saves all field data that is normally lost

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